Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Month

With great trepidation and a tiny leap of the heart, I would like to announce that in order to honour the good and special people who come back to this place time after time to check if there is something new to read - and to honour that something in myself which has never quite let this blog go - I have signed up tonight to NaBloPoMo.

To those not in the know, simply put this is a commitment to write a blog post every single day for one month. In my case The Month will begin on 1st November.  This could be the single best decision of my writing life.  On the other hand...

I am now going to lie down for the weekend.  Because what with raising the child, selling the house, running the new business, recovering from the Bim and trying to get my mojo back, there won't be a lot of time for sleep in the next month.  Certainly not after tonight's impetuosity. 

But oh, what will this bring? 

I love the Livvy that did this.  I remember her from long ago.