Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Highs and Lows

Anna-mouse and I spent the day together. An ordinary day. An extraordinary day. Together we, she, or I -

  • Read 'The Tubby Custard Mess' for after-breakfast-potty-sit (31st time this week)
  • Were late for swimming class
  • Got changed extra quick
  • Giggled in swimming class
  • Got changed extra slow
  • Took Anna-m's new toilet seat with us to the loo
  • Thought up anything and everything to get her to sit on it
  • Left the loo with only the grown-up having gone
  • Went to visit the creche to get her (pretend) and me (this is the truth) used to it
  • Wiped up biggest pee in history from creche floor
  • Told the creche workers 'She is potty-trained, really'
  • Ate mini gherkins dipped in houmous for lunch again
  • Had total stand-off when toddler pooed in her pants 30 secs after getting off potty
  • Made-up big-time
  • Spent quarter hour not speaking after second poo in pants
  • Made-up, just, after the Bim called with cunning-return-to-Star-Chart-plan
  • Did face-painting: a pink tiger(her, done by me); a strange culty person (me, done by her)
  • Ate an enormous bowl of pasta for tea; ate a couple of penne. Guess which one which.
  • Sat at nursery room window watching the rain and waiting for the 'light'. Thrill of her first storm. Mother's heartstrings twang.
  • Endured tantrum when told could listen for thunder no more
  • Wiped the tears away when told loo seat she wouldn't hear of this morning not available now
  • Cried end-of-the-world-tears when told to leave window to brush teeth
  • Sang 'Happy Birthday Anna-mouse', cut the candles, handed out slices of cake
  • Screamed in protest at being put into cot with no more songs
  • Hugged and kissed with promise of one more song
  • Sang 'Happy Birthday Thunder'


  • Child content
  • Mother on gin.

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queendebbee said...

I hope everything is alright in your little corner of the world.
a loyal lurker...