Thursday, October 26, 2006

Birth Plan

Anna-mouse loves telephones.

Yesterday I heard her make the following call on her very pink, very fake mobile 'phone:

"Hallo, hopital? Please can you check my belly button please, yes. See if it's working? Thankoo! Bye-bye".

This could of course have something to do with Baby Cousin who is, to everyone's delight, 'coming soon'. She saw me touch pregnant Sister-in-Law's stomach a week or so ago, and later on that day announced that she had a baby in her tummy, too. "Feel my tummy, Mummy. Feel my baby."

Probably just wanted the 'hopital' to check said baby's exit route.

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Rachel said...

Love the phone call dialogue! When I breast fed our youngest, my middle son was three, and he would pretend to nurse his teddy bears by shoving them under his shirt, and saying "look, mom! I feed my baby in my boobs!"

On another topic, Koolaid is a drink. It's fruity flavored powder, that you can get for about one quarter here in the states. Here's a link:


PS~ Thanks for visiting my blog! It tickles the heck out of me!