Friday, December 01, 2006

Taking the Plunge

I did it. I have at last taken my whining, wistful self in hand, visited the local Adult Education Centre, checked out the childcare - and booked myself a place on a Creative Writing course starting in the Spring Term.

That means, in less plain English, that I have finally admitted that I can no longer exist on a daily diet of Domestic Soup alone and that for the sake of my very soul I've decided to break my vow that I would be Anna-mouse's only carer until she was all of 3 years old.

It also means that I felt sick the whole time I was discussing my options, filling out the forms, and checking out the 'Baby Room'. It means I almost whisked Anna-mouse up in my arms and turned tail when I read the large sign outside said room: 'We have had several cases of HEAD LICE. Please check your child's hair.' It means I am in no way hardened to the idea, let alone the reality, of leaving tiny person with anyone other than nearest and dearest for an hour and a half each week.

And yet. I'm doing it. And let's just run that bit again. An hour and a half. Each week. For eleven weeks. In the day. That last is important - the very idea of adult company, adult conversation which isn't toddler-based during the day! A slow smile is spreading... I can't help it: as well as being sick with trepidation, I'm also giddy with anticipation. It almost doesn't matter what the course is like - it's what it represents that's important.

Never mind Anna-mouse; Livvy U is growing-up.


Rachel said...

You have fun, You! She will be splendid for just that teeny time a day. She might even surprise you, and want to stay longer!


Le Craquelin Elitiste said...

Hi, I just found this blog through the random blog tool...

I just had to say good for you for taking the class!!

this is so creepy, I'm sorry.

queendebbee said...

I have been so busy this month and last that I have neglected my blogs. What a treat is has been to find so many new posts on yours. I simply love reading your writing. I can't imagine how a class will improve it! But, I am happy that you will be taking a class that is sure to bring you joy and inspiration, and dare I add, more posts for me to read?!