Saturday, January 20, 2007

End of Story

More evidence. Not that I'm obsessed with getting my £200 back or anything.

(God, I could turn into one of those people who do this sort of thing for a hobby. I could be found, years from now, sitting in front of my single bar electric fire, mittened fingers wrapped round a mug of strong tea, churning out letters of unrelenting bile to Organisations Who Have Done Me Wrong...)

Actually, it's just a little coda to 'Impounded!':

The Bim told me that had a Corkonian (that, for the uninitiated, is the very lovely word for a person who hails from Cork City, Ireland) been telling the story of the missing car, they would have said "There it was, gone!"

Tee hee.

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Anonymous said...

I love that! I'm trying to hear it in my head with an Irish Accent, but I'm having trouble... hmmm. I need to excersise my imagination more often!