Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Notice

"Livvy U. would like to announce an unprecedented reaction to the previous week's events, something akin to the development of a nasty rash, only on the inside, in her being and brain, which has been preventing her - along with a go-slow by her computer - from communicating in this space in which she so loves to communicate.

She begs her readers' goodwill and will resume service as normal, as soon as she can decode her errant thoughts and make some sense of them.

In this last week, she has glimpsed a wider world and been thrown by it, after spending almost three in the wilder, but known, world of Domesticity. She is wrestling with metaphorical demons and is hopeful of victory, but has presently lost her poise.

Some would advise, never attend a potentially life-changing Creative Writing course in the same week as:

(1)an interview for a television job which would substantially up-the-ante in terms of your acting career
(2) seeing your mother-who-has-just-had-blood-transfusion because so very weak perform in playreading;
(3) receiving your first daughter's first written assessment (Music Class - 'Anna-mouse is a delight to have in the class');
(4) getting drunk for the first time in who knows when;
(5) not getting the acting job;
(6)writing stuff - actually writing stuff - and thinking, I can see it, I can see the future if I choose it to be so - and getting scared witless.

Livvy U. is not known for her capacity to deal with change.

Livvy U. feels like crying. She used to cry an awful lot (she was known for it, much to her annoyance). These days she has to remember how to do it.

She's not unhappy. She's just seen the Future and is scared by it.

Thank you for your indulgence."


Cathy said...

The future is bright. The future is....yours for the taking.


Livvy U. said...

You're right, Cathy, you're so right! I've been giving myself a team talk since I wrote the above, so who knows what might happen next!
Thanks for your support
Livvy x

Richard said...

Good times ahead, my precious friend. Miss you and in a couple of weeks we'll think of you in spirit and wish you were with us.
Love you. xxx

Marianne said...

Yes, sometimes, life justs gets overwhelming. Thinking of you and hope you are enjoying the course. Do post again soon. Look forward to it.

merry weather said...

Livvy - Glad you're OK - wow you've been busy! - I love the idea of "losing poise". That is a very elegant description and could be used to describe loads of situations!

I'm at home writing tons. It's probably crap but hey! I'm having a brilliant time doing it. School hols soon then September looms ... quick, back to the stories!

It's good to look at the future - otherwise we may get lost in the present. Love your honesty, keep going, keep going ...

Livvy U. said...

As ever I am buoyed up by your comments...

Richard - Good times ahead for one and all, yes, especially yourselves...

Marianne - Something as simple as that is so encouraging. Thank you.

Merry Weather - I love the idea of thinking to the future so that we don't get bogged down in the present! Clever little trick of the mind... Good luck with the stories.


Sue said...

It sounds like a very big week.

Sometimes I think us women just get caught between what we would like to do and what we think we should be doing. In between then gets confusing.

Anna-mouse is a star and so are you. You got an interview even if you didn't get the job.

And the writing sounds brilliant.

Oh yes and I'm sure that if you put all us women together and added up the tears we could probably solve the water crisis in every country.

Good luck with the 'future' thoughts.

Hugs x x

Livvy U. said...

Loved this, Sue. Wise and funny. Thanks.

Poetess said...

I have just found your blog and loved it. I especially liked the bit where you told your tutor you read sell by dates. Love it and I must remember that one for future.

I start a creative writing course in October with the Open University. Can't wait.

Will be back.


Livvy U. said...

Welcome, Poetess, and welcome to the throw of the dice which brought you here! Do, do come back. I'll be over to yours before too long.
Good luck with the course. How wonderful.

Stay at home dad said...

Cry, Livvy; and get drunk more often!

Livvy U. said...

SAHD - this is the BEST advice... Glad to say I've done both since.