Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer Report

Fellow would-be writers will be familiar with the desperate, procrastinatory 'I-must-clean-the-house-at-all-costs' attacks which frequently precede the act of committing words to paper.

Small wonder, then, that the Creative Writing course I am about to undertake (largely, it has to be said, in astonished response to the many hugely encouraging Comments received after my last post detailing my struggles to write - for which eternal, heartfelt thanks) sent me into a house-clearing frenzy.

Imagine finding 18 hours of University-standard tuition spread over 6 mornings, for the majority of which your beloved supportive husband happens to be off work! Imagine, too, discovering that the course is - wait for it - free. Yep! Gratis. Niente - nothing! - to pay. How can this be? I asked at first. Now I'm just readying up to enjoy it.

I'm a bundle of nerves, joy and guilt, though: I don't like taking time away from Anna-mouse but this time it is as if I have no choice. I need shaking up/challenging. And my energy levels have shot through the roof! All of which, as tomorrow's start date nears, has meant that massive de-cluttering and box emptying has been achieved in an action-packed weekend at home.

Delving into a dusty crate, untouched since we moved here two years ago and probably not looked into for many more before that, I found a batch of old school reports. There were even some from my primary school days. Small, handwritten epics. It was hilarious and only a tiny bit heartbreaking to find the REPORT FOR SCHOOL YEAR ENDING JULY 1972, which read as follows:
'Livvy is producing first class imaginative written
work. She is currently at work on her first three volume novel!!
Hmmm. Right then. Could be time to quit the cleaning, don't you think?



twobuyfour said...

Congratulations and bon voyage! It sounds like you are embarking on an exciting adventure. I'm sure you'll do well.

Marianne said...

How exciting Livvy. But where does this take place and how did you find it?

Oddly, I too have been busy with cleaning and sorting. It must be something in the air. You are right though, it is a great way of avoiding doing anything more demanding. I've almost convinced myself that I can't possibly go away this summer because there is so much to do at home.

Good luck with the course. Let us know how it goes.

Livvy U. said...

Thanks for the good wishes, twobuyfour!

Marianne - click on the words in bold (Creative Writing course) within the post and it links you to the Summer University courses. Still some creative writing ones left in September if you're interested.

Stay at home dad said...

See - it is meant to be!