Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Bloggerversary to Me

Precisely one year ago tonight I wrote this, my first blog post,
sent it out into the universe and began a journey that has changed my life.

What a ride it has been.

As a novice blogger, I remember the euphoria I felt every time I hit the PUBLISH POST button (my heart still leaps at it today).

I remember the lovely freedom, knowing that no-one but the Bim knew that Livvy was out there - and then my growing dismay that this probably meant that nobody was reading her, either.

(I have a reader! I yelled at the Bim when he got home, the night of my first comment. Somebody reads me!)

It took me ages to get the whole commenting phonomena. Small wonder nobody was commenting on my own blog when I was lurking away and never thought to join in the conversation. It took me, in short, quite some while to understand the way the web works. Even now I would love to spend hours surfing, popping in and out of all those lives I've come to know, love and admire. But time, or rather the lack of it, has been the common thread winding its way through this most interesting year.

But oh, the joy of a fresh-faced comment falling unexpectedly into my Inbox! Some blogging joys are constant, and this is one. I will never fail to be in awe of the fact that people return to read what I have written. Small wonder I call it my drug of choice.

And then a quite unexpected bonus - the steady flow of encouragement and support I've received through people's Comments over the year. There were at least a couple of moments of despond, both personal and writerly, from which I was lifted by the generosity of my cyber friends. My readership has never been large (though it's more than two-and-a-half, now, which is encouraging) but goodness it's loyal! International and eclectic, I'm proud to say, too.

What have I learnt? I have learnt to keep my eyes open way past midnight in pursuit of the right word. I have learnt that the great, world wide web has far greater importance and significance for all our lives than I ever imagined. I have learnt that I need to write like fish need air.

I have learnt much, too, about others' lives - how very similar we are in most regards, whatever our colour, wherever we live, each of us marked different and unique by the details. The blogs I read are full of detail. Blogging is a marvellous piece of detail in my life. It has taught me how to show up at the page and let the words go, even (especially) when I feel them to be awkwardly chosen, or incomplete. I don't quibble with them so much anymore.

It's late. I'll have to tiptoe to bed, again. Perhaps as so often happens I won't even make it to my own bed before Anna-mouse cries out and needs me to settle her. But I don't care, I often think to myself around this time, because I've done what makes my heart sing tonight: I've written.


Debbie said...

Happy Bloggerversary to you! Happy Bloggerversary to you! Happy Bloggerversary, dear Livvy! Happy Bloggerversary to you! And many more!

JK said...

Happy Blogday! And thank you for sharing your life and family in your amazing, wonderful writing.

Cathy said...

Happy bloggerversary to one of my favourite blogs! Livvy, I think you were born to write.


Livvy U. said...

Thankyou, well-wishers one and all!

Sue said...

Hear, hear to everything you said. Happy Anniversay!

Sue xx

Rachel Whetzel said...

Though I haven't been as good at commenting, I still read your blog, and my mom and I talk about you like a friend that we both know... I'm so happy to have "met" you here on line! I'm proud to have been one of the first of your readers!


Marianne said...

Can completely relate to everything you say, Livvy. I also wish I had more time to spend on my blog and reading other people's too. It's a whole world out there and I feel that some of you have become friends.

Keep up the good work, it is appreciated. Has the course finished yet and was it worth while?

Livvy U. said...

The course was fantastic, Marianne. Finished a while ago, but long lasting effects, I hope - watch this space!

tiffini elektra x said...

What a wonderful - wonderful post! Happy Anniversary!

tim relf said...

Sorry this is a bit late, but congratulations on your first anniversary!

Livvy U. said...

Welcome Tim and thanks! All good wishes always appreciated. Glad you came to visit x

Lot 53 said...

A little late, I know but... Happy Bloggerversary to YOU! I love reasons to celebrate and when I saw the cake well I just had to write a congrats ~ smiles ~

GillyRoze said...

Hello fellow bloggers. This page was created when I found that it was soon to be my 2 year bloggerversary. I threw the word around jokingly for a few days until I thought about searching online for other peoples bloggerversaries. There was some website out there that tried doing this back in 2006 and it hasnt been updated since. I read about peoples stories and was pleasingly surprised when I found most are more interesting than mine.

I realized that the best "intellectual property" or intelligence is derived from bloggers simply because they are not paid. They dont have a hidden agenda and they provide an inside scoop as to the way things are in their respective cities towns or countries. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT mainly because I know the governments hate it... Anyway, bloggers agendas are laid out flat for you to READ. Please email your most interesting blog post to and I will post it here (unedited) immediately... I hope that this page will give a voice to those that otherwise would not be heard. The page is Also soon to come,

Please, share your next bloggerversary with the rest of us.

Cheers and luvvv GR