Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have to catch the 2255! I shriek above the cacophany that is London traffic on a Wednesday night not long before Christmas.

We are legging it, fast as we can, from Covent Garden to St Pancras to catch the hi-speed home.  A fair old walk at the best of times.

These central London streets that I know so well are aglow with Christmas light frippery.  Every bar, every cafe, every restaurant and hotel sports its share of winking, twinkling fairy lights.  It is mild and blowy, and after the elegance and gravitas of the ballet viewed from the 'gods' of the Opera House, I am crazy with life.

I really can't miss this train!  I'm thinking - and I really can't.  To write twenty-nine posts in as many days, and then fall at the last fence because I can't make it home before midnight?  Unthinkable!

We make it with moments to spare, shouting out short-cuts, dodging day dreamers, hurtling up the escalators and into the train triumphant.  We chat happily all the way and I leave my friend one stop before her own, dashing down the platform and into the car park to my car.

Come on, come on!  I berate myself when I can't find the car key, throwing the contents of my handbag onto the tarmac.

It's an exhilarating, somewhat hair-raising drive home.  I'm gleeful as Kent Town's own lights, tame in comparison with London's excess, fly by me on the bridge, and hold my breath as I accelerate through an amber light.

The cat greets me at the door, I climb the stairs two by two, flick all the switches, press all the buttons... and here I sit in my coat, casting glances at my watch as I have done for most of my twenty-nine posts during NaBloPoMo in order to slip this final posting under the wire before midnight.

The day's sore head and tension have lifted.  I am filled with the possibility of all things.  In the next few weeks alone life holds a house move to the new place which Anna-mouse will make our own; a really quite possible first date, and the knowledge that I can write, fast, anytime, and people want to read it.

Hopeful, more hopeful than I have been in a very long time, that I have come unstuck and am free to move on.

Ladies and gentlemen, thirty posts, a bow, curtain.


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Jenn and Casey said...


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Miss A. Layknee said...

You are so fabulous! I love reading your posts, even if I haven't had the time I want to lately. Tomorrow is move-in day for me! And here I am sitting roughly 75% packed and, firm UNromantic that I am, I am squealing with happiness over the last few posts that I just caught up with. I love that you've found someone, I love that you've recognized just how momentous it is that you were able to open up to someone after what happened to you, I love that you DID open up. Fabulous!!! Good luck and may things keep going your way!

Just Jane said...

WOO HOO! You made it!

Taylor said...

Wahoo!!! Congrats!!!

Heidi said...

A triumphant finale!

Livvy U. said...

Thank you so, so much everyone, how amazing that people actually read this stuff. It never fails to thrill me. Livvy x