Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Imagine

The house has that more quiet than quiet feeling it always has near midnight when Anna-mouse is not sleeping in it.  Strange, on a school night.  I guess this is how it would be if tonight's venture were successful.  Rehearsals two or three times a week, it said on the letter telling me that my first audition had been successful and asking me to attend a recall; and whole days leading up to the big night itself.

Logistically, if I'm successful, it could be a nightmare.  But I'm working on the principle that I don't need to worry about this until I get the email, which is how they will tell us in six to eight weeks' time, saying 'join us'.  The Bim taught me that one.  He never worries about anything he doesn't have to worry about (and sometimes not even then).  So when I said  It'd be difficult, you know, if this works out, he waved away my caution, told me we'd work it out, and that we wouldn't worry about it until it happens.  And I know that the reason he is like this is because he does actually understand what it would mean to me.  I've always loved that about the Bim: his ability to be on my side.

So here I sit at a quarter to midnight, my body humming with tonight's paces.  My skin is warm and my hair is wet because I've just had a bath to minimise the aches I'm bound to have tomorrow morning.  There's nothing like this feeling, especially having sat at the computer for days on end.  I used to have this feeling all the time, during my dancing days.  It suits me, it makes me more... me.  Everything tingling, everything alive.

Just imagine what I would feel if my recall audition tonight were successful!

Two hundred and forty-six days from now I would be in the Stadium, performing in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games.


Miss A. Layknee said...

Wow! That would be fabulous, and I gotta say I'm rooting for you having to figure out how to work it - what an experience it would be. :) Good luck, and if they aren't smart enough to pick you, send them my way and we will discuss it until they promise to recognize your genius if only I will stop hitting them long enough to say "we promise to recognize Livvy's genius if only you will stop hitting us long enough to say '

(Okay, I'll stop. You get the idea.)

Just Jane said...

As always, I'm stunned by your writing.

I wanted you to know I've given you the Liebster Award