Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is a Delightful Blog (isn't it?)

It's official: I'm delightful.

Well, I'm pathetically pleased to announce that Livvy's Life has been accepted into a really rather select (ok, small) directory of blogs which are, yes that's it, supposed to be delightful. As this is not a word I would have immediately used to describe either myself or my blog, I'm doubly, erm, delighted, shall I say, that I have been welcomed into their fold.

So as not to throw its readers off the scent, this directory, as you may have noticed from the sweet new button in my sidebar, is rather cunningly called - wait for it, and apparently you can go there and actually vote for Livvy's Life in all its - erhem - delightfulness.

Okay, okay, I'm just telling you! I'm English, for God's sake! All this self-publicising doesn't come easy to me! Don't get me wrong - I love my seven-and-a-half readers, really love and cherish them (you) with great gratitude and fondness for keeping me going on this odyssey over the past six months. But I would like to get the numbers up just a little, don't you think? Seventeen-and-a-half would do.

At the very least, you'll find a host of eclectic, interesting blogs attractively arranged into eclectic, interesting categories and who knows, perhaps you could join me and we could be delightful together.

Come to think of it, we already are.


queendebbee said...

I figured out you're delightful the first time I read your blog!
And now I'm off to vote. But first, one question. Am I the 1/2?

queendebbee said...

Oh dear. I have an apology to make. I went to and tried to give you a *10* rating. (I'm assuming that on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 is the highest) Somehow I goofed and hit the 1. I'm sorry :(
Rachel told me I had to confess otherwise you'd think some lurker gave you that nasty rating...

Livvy U. said...

Dear Debbie
I cannot help but see the amusing irony in you, my dearest, longest and most loyal reader (apart from Rachel) almost scuppering my chances!!! Don't worry - I have emailed Delightful Blogs and hopefully they can reverse your little slip of the finger, so to speak... Lol

Debbie said...

Bless you, dear Livvy, for seeing some humor in my error, especially now that you have found it more difficult to correct than you expected! Again, I am so sorry! I don't know if I'll dare try to vote again.. You know I love you...