Monday, February 19, 2007

Trying to Delight! (again)

There has been a funny little drama going on, following yesterday's post - read the Comments and all will become clear!

As a consequence, the dear Directory of Delightful Blogs say they cannot change a rating, once given, so they are removing my first entry and asking me to re-submit my blog so that we can start again.

So if, by any remote chance, you have been on my behalf to have a look and vote for Livvy's Life - may I beg your patience and your good will and ask you to leave a couple of days' grace and then return there when the blog will have been re-submitted. Otherwise you may get discouraged and not find it at all (and I will have a pathetically low credit rating, and cry alot).

My undying thanks. And ask me to return the favour, anytime.


Richard Sheridan Willis said...

Thank you for the link Livvy...I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how we know each other. I can't find your name. I'm trawling through your wonderful blog looking for clues and now it's late here in Denver and I must get back to learning lines before I go to sleep. Please...Put me out of my curiosity!

Richard Sheridan Willis said...

and so I couldn't sleep... I thought it was you...but the names confused me... but now I am hooked on your delightful blog. Such Beautiful writing my dear friend. Love you. R